5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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Word is spreading throughout the Wasatch about the incredible trails at High Star Ranch and all the awesome outdoor activities offered by the DeJoria Center’s on-site partner, Rhodes Valley Outfitters. But what you may not know is that the fun at DeJoria doesn’t have to stop during the winter months—there are many ways to enjoy our 1,100 acre ranch in the Uinta foothills, including some experiences you can’t get anywhere else in the Salt Lake City or Park City areas. If you find yourself with cabin fever this winter, come try something new to beat the snowy-season blues.
horseback riding


Whether you’re a total novice or an experienced equestrian, our friendly, reliable herd of horses and experienced guides are guaranteed to make a ride through the snow-covered foothills a magical experience. All rides are customized to participants’ skill levels to ensure a stress-free experience that’s both exciting and safe. To make sure all rides have a personal, intimate feel, we only schedule private group outings—so you won’t have to worry about riding tip-to-tail with strangers.


The High Star Ranch trail system is quickly becoming a favorite of Utah mountain bikers, with its winding climbs and fast, flowing descents spread across nearly 20 miles of trails. But the off-road riding season doesn’t have to be over when the snow falls. Fat bikes, with their massive tires boasting super-low PSI, provide great grip and float over packed snow to keep the two-wheeled fun alive even during the winter months. With a full fleet of fat-tire bikes, Rhodes Valley Outfitters is a great place to try out fat biking if you’re feeling the itch for some singletrack time.


Our private groomed trails are a great place to try cross-country skiing without the worry of crowds or competition on busier tracks. Equal parts exercise and exhilaration combine with gorgeous mountain scenery to create an experience that just might have you coming back for more. If you’ve never cross-country skied before, no worries—the guides at Rhodes Valley Outfitters will get you set up with all the equipment you need and patiently show you the ropes.


A guided snowshoe tour is a great way to take in the incredible scenery throughout High Star Ranch. Combining exercise, adventure and sightseeing all in one, snowshoe tours on our private trails include equipment rentals (available for kids as well as adults) and a chance to soak up the silence and solitude of snow-covered hills. Explore our 1,100-acre ranch during the day to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D, or take a snowshoe tour under the moonlight for an extra shot of serenity.


Horses are powerful, magnificent creatures, and can provide valuable insights into a person’s psyche and interpersonal relationship skills. Horses accurately mirror your body language, emotions, and energy with a non-judgmental honesty that can lead to profound self-discovery and personal growth. No previous experience with horses is required to participate in our Horse Experience programs, and our gentle horses and patient, experienced equine learning instructors make for an ideal introduction into the many benefits of guided equine meditation.

Don’t let Old Man Winter get you down during the cold, dark months—stop by DeJoria Center to try something new that just might become a lifelong passion. Contact Rhodes Valley Outfitters today to learn more about all the experiences we offer.

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