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Horse Meditation Circle

in Kamas, Utah

Get Outside, Connect To Your Breath & Be Touched By A Horse.

Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Meditation Circle on High Star Ranch
Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Meditation Circle on High Star Ranch

We partner with horses for the exploration of self-awareness, connection to self & nature, and to gain new perspectives on life.

When connecting with horses through the Horse Meditation Circle, powerful metaphors arise. We begin to identify our present state of being and are then able to develop what is needed to take new paths of action. Nature and horses can demonstrate to us how to move beyond our existing reality into a more expansive level of awareness and union with all.

Horses provide an honest, non-judgmental reflection of what is happening between horses and humans during the Horse Meditation Circle. Activities are designed to enhance the participant’s understanding of how limiting beliefs, expectations, interpretations, and personal energy can often create blocks to personal success in many areas of our lives.

Under the guidance of a highly experienced equine facilitated learning coach and with the assistance of the horse as a teacher, the Horse Meditation Circle session can become a compelling metaphor representing the participant’s life situations. The participants discover that perhaps who they are in the horse-to-human relationship mirrors who they are in their human-to-human relationships.

What To Expect

Participants can expect to discover a refreshingly new relationship between horse and human during the Horse Meditation Circle, where the horse becomes a teacher and facilitator. The kinds of activities and methods in which the activities are completed, result in metaphors for reflection, contemplation, and discussion.

Horses are large and magnificent animals. Accomplishing a task involving a horse, in spite of fears or limitations, creates confidence and provides metaphors for dealing with challenging situations in life. Horses mirror accurately what your body, emotions, energy , and thoughts are telling them. Their non-judgmental honesty makes them especially effective messengers. In addition, the horse’s natural responsiveness to clear intention empowers you to live from a place of strength, no matter what your physical condition or life circumstances.

Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Meditation Circle on High Star Ranch
Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Family Experience on High Star Ranch
Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Meditation Circle on High Star Ranch

No previous horse experience is needed to participate in our Horse Meditation Circle programs. We adhere to safety guidelines which are reviewed with participants prior to each session. In addition, we familiarize participants with the horse’s nature, and instruct them how to stay safe while connecting with the horses. Our goal is to provide an experience where safety, learning and connection are combined to optimize the experience for both human and horses.

High Star Ranch is located in a beautiful rural setting that provides a peaceful environment, promoting openness to the experience, and our gentle horses will open your heart to new exciting ways of experiencing life. Come experience our horses today.

Corporate Team Building

Our corporate team-building with the Horse Meditation Circle provides experiential team building activities to stimulate insights that generate change through innovative, powerful, highly challenging and memorable interactions with horses.

Understanding horse herd dynamics and the strong need to communicate and negotiate within the herd, gives us a lot of information on how we can think like a horse and learn to have a real presence with the horse and others. By self-observation and awareness while interacting with a horse, a person’s blind spot in leadership and relationship building skills are revealed. Facilitated by an experienced equine facilitated learning coach, the team will understand how to transfer the horse herd dynamics into team cohesiveness and alignment of action.

Scientists have shown that even during human interpersonal interactions, only about 10 percent of communication is verbal. Someone with horse sense processes information coming from that elusive “other 90 percent,” while being able to calm, focus, and motivate others effectively.

Horses possess the skills to lead authentically, communicate clearly, trust their instincts, are highly sensitive and respond appropriately to moods and body language of other horses in the herd. Working with horses helps identify group dynamics and issues by mirroring back to the group members how they work together. Horses quickly help people identify both their effective and ineffective ways of being in a relationship with others. It is then up to the individuals within the group to remove barriers identified, and cultivate trust and partnership. Horses introduce the element of the unknown, the variable that brings everyone to the table to solve problems and conflicts together.

The Horse Meditation Circle significantly increases:

  • Communication
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Honesty between team members
  • Trust
  • Leadership development

Our experience may be adapted to the goals of the organization or group, either as part of activities scheduled in conjunction with the Rhodes Valley Outfitters menu or as a stand-alone activity.

More Horse Experience Programs

Family Adventures With Horses

family experience with horses at High Star Ranch

If you want your family to have an unforgettable experience, come to our exclusive Family & Horses Adventures!

Through carefully design experiences, families will acquire opportunities to explore different ways of communication including non-verbal language, learn about the nature of horses and how to become part of the horse family. Every experience includes an opportunity for children to discuss skills they’ve learned and how to transfer these skills to other areas of their family lives.

Horse Meditation Circle

Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Meditation Circle on High Star Ranch

Tap into your inner stillness during our Horse Meditation Circle to open to your wisdom and intuition. We will explore embodied presence surrounded by a herd of horses which presence can transport us to the place of pure potentiality within. Horses, by their very nature, touch our spirits with their beauty, freedom, courage, power and heart.

Yoga & Horses

Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Yoga on High Star Ranch

Being in nature allows us to gain new perspectives and recharge our mind, body and spirit. The experience of being with horses and practicing yoga in nature helps us move beyond our existing reality into a larger level of awareness. Participants will walk away feeling refreshed, grounded and enlightened.

Mindful Horsemanship

Rhodes Valley Outfitters Mindful Horsemanship on High Star Ranch

If you are considering getting a new horse or are reconnecting with horses after time away, Mindful Horsemanship is a co-creative process that uses exploration and mindful presence to develop a heart-connected relationship with your horse.

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