Mountain Biking

On High Star Ranch

Experience Some of Utah’s Best Mountain Bike Trails.

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Experience the beautiful scenery of High Star Ranch during a thrilling mountain bike ride on our private trail system.

Add mountain biking to your event and shift the experience into another gear. With nearly 20-miles of interconnected, professionally built mountain biking trails, the High Star Ranch trail system is guaranteed to plaster a semi-permanent smile on the face of every level of rider. From pathways to meandering single track, we have trails to suit any ability level your event guests may have.

mountain biking activities at High Star Ranch
Group mountain biking at High Star Ranch

Guided Mountain Bike Rates


2 guides (1 guide per 5 guests), up to 10 people, experience is approximately 90-minutes, full-suspension bikes and helmets are provided


4 guides (1 guide per 5 guests), up to 20 people, experience is approximately 90-minutes, full-suspension bikes and helmets are provided

What to Bring

Dress appropriately for the season. We suggest wearing athletic shorts or pants, bring a light jacket, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes. Tours include a guide, water, snacks, a bike, and a helmet. We offer high-end, full-suspension 2020 Scott Genius mountain bikes. Flat pedals are standard. If you bring your bike shoes, we can put SPD or Crank Brothers pedals on your bike. The only other thing you need for your mountain bike ride is a fun, positive attitude!

Learn How To Prepare

Introduction To Utah Mountain Biking

Utah has long been considered one of the best places to mountain bike anywhere on Earth—and for good reason. The elevation, climate, and variety of terrain make Utah’s mountain bike trails great for any level of rider—whether you’re just putting wheels on dirt for the first time or you’re looking for some serious airtime and adrenaline. With over 400 miles of trails in the greater Park City area alone, High Star Ranch is situated squarely in the middle of some of best mountain bike trails in Utah.

Mountain Bike Safety Guidelines

Mountain biking carries a certain inherent level of risk—make sure you’re properly prepared with the following safety tips before heading out on Utah’s world-class mountain bike trails.

Wear Proper Protective Gear

At the bare minimum, you’ll want to wear a properly fitted mountain bike helmet before you hit the trails. This will help reduce your risk of injury when you take an inevitable tumble through a tricky section. For added protection, you may also want to consider full-finger gloves as well as knee and elbow protection, which can help minimize skin loss in the event of a crash.

Maintain Your Mountain Bike

The rough nature of mountain biking means things are eventually bound to rattle themselves loose after bashing over rocks, roots, and other obstacles. Remember to check the tightness of all major bolts before every ride, and make sure your mountain bike is regularly maintained by a trained mechanic, who will keep your brakes, shifting, and suspension in good working order.

Ride Within Your Limits

While scaring yourself a little bit on a mountain bike can be a whole lot of fun, it’s important to remember to stay within your limits as you improve your skills and endurance. Remember to scout out any and all features before you ride over them, especially your first time on any particular mountain bike trail. And remember, there’s no shame in walking a section—it’s better to live to ride another day than to injure yourself trying to impress your buddies.

Be Prepared For On-Trail Emergencies

If there’s one universal truth about mountain biking, it’s that mishaps and mechanical issues will inevitably happen out on the trail. Carrying a few simple supplies in your hydration pack or pockets will help you deal with common issues—make sure you’re prepared with the tools and supplies to fix a flat, tighten a loose bolt, or treat minor scrapes and cuts. Don’t let your day enjoying some of Utah’s best mountain bike trails be soured by a lack of preparedness.

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