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High Star Ranch: The Best Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue In Utah

Best Pet Friendly Wedding Venue In Utah

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly wedding venue in Utah, look no further than High Star Ranch Weddings! We offer various services to ensure your wedding is exactly what you’ve always dreamed of, and we’re more than happy to accommodate your furry friends. From our picturesque outdoor ceremony space to our luxurious reception hall, we have everything you need to make your wedding day perfect. So bring your dog, cat, or horse, and see us at Park City Weddings!

Why your wedding day will be perfect at High Star Ranch?

  • Our venue is perfect for couples who want to include their furry friends on their big day. 
  • We’re located only 16 miles from Park City, making us the ideal choice for a Park City, Utah, wedding. 
  • Our 1100-acre property gives a mesmerizing view of ponds, farm pastures, Wasatch Mountains, and much more. 
  • Our beautiful mountain views are one of the most popular venues in Utah. 
  • The 3 acre Great Lawn by the Wedding Tree is an apt spot for your four-legged friends to accompany you while exchanging vows.
  • We offer spacious and comfortable rooms for the bride and groom to get ready.
  • Our catering and beverage offerings are praiseworthy and affordable.
  • We believe in special send-offs for your unique wedding – Clydesdale wagon rides, carriages, or vintage automobiles.

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The variety of services we offer to accommodate your furry friends.

Pet-friendly weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and High Star Ranch is the perfect v