Tips and Etiquette to Find the Best Destination Wedding Venue?

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The benefits of a destination wedding include an intimate ceremony, as well as a honeymoon that is included in the cost of the wedding. It’s tough to plan a wedding so far away from home, though. Before jetting to a foreign land to marry your love, there are some essential details to consider. Sat down with a planner; who knows a thing or two about throwing a fantastic wedding. From choosing the perfect location to planning every last detail on your big day, we’ve got all the bases covered, whether you’re planning a tropical celebration on an island in Utah or a romantic getaway at park city, Utah.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan a wedding Venue in Utah.

Destination Wedding Etiquette

  • When should I have my destination wedding: Your schedule and availability will determine this, but seasonal changes have a considerable impact. Check the average rainfall by month and ensure that you are not having your event right in the middle of hurricane or monsoon season if you wish to take advantage of the local environment with outdoor events. There can be seasonal fluctuations in tourism; the high season can mean expensive booking rates and crowded sights, while the low season can mean eerily empty streets and closed attractions.
  • If my wedding is at a destination, when should I notify the guests: Invitations should be sent out eight to 12 months prior to the wedding. “An official invitation should be mailed three to four months prior to the wedding. Extra-long lead times allow guests to arrange travel, but they may be less strict for domestic destinations.
  • Who pays for guest accommodations: Guests are traditionally expected to cover their lodging and transportation expenses, but you must make this as gracefully clear as possible. List recommended accommodations or website links to book accommodations effectively. If you’ve booked a hotel room block in a park city Utah wedding, emphasize that each guest needs to reserve their room within it. Wedding websites and save-the-date cards will give you the best chance of spreading the word.
  • Do I need to help guests book travel: Obviously, you don’t have to book anyone’s travel, but it would be nice if you did. Enlisting a travel agent for wedding Venues in Utah can help lighten the load by taking over group reservations, inputting everyone’s travel info, and scoring the best deals. Upgrades and luxurious treatments may also be on the table. Make a Facebook group or group chat for everyone to share flight deals and travel plans. Make sure to provide a wedding itinerary so that everybody is on the same page.
  • For a destination wedding, do I need a registry: If guest attendance costs are higher than expected, you might want to consider scrapping gifts.Utilize the invitations or wedding website to let everyone know their presence is the best gift. If you prefer a registry, be sure to have skills shipped to your home rather than brought to the venue or opt for virtual gifts like gift cards or donations to a honeymoon fund. Some resorts even have their honeymoon registries for on-site experiences.

How to find the perfect wedding Venues in Utah?

Find out where guests will be traveling from. If you’re planning an intimate wedding in Utah or just looking for a great place to stay for a long weekend, High Star Ranch could be your jam. We are one of the wedding Venues in Utah. We provide you with affordable elegance, excellent service, and professional help to create your perfect celebration. We believe that every gathering should be memorable and stress-free.

Do you need an adults-only or family-only resort: Will you accept guests under the age of 18? If so, then you may not be able to host an adults-only wedding Venue in Utah.

Think about the types of amenities your guests are interested in: Go through your list and determine what type of wedding Venue in Utah your guests like best. Foodies looking to have a few la carte restaurants to choose from in the evening? Do they want to party day and night or are they chill? Would they expect a high level of service and amenities such as 24-hour room service, savings on the beach and premium drinks?

Consider your dream location for each event: If you are looking for an economical but modern and beautiful wedding venue in Utah. High Star Ranch is perfect for you. Our 1,100 acre property consists of beautiful views of the Wasatch Mountains, farm pastures, lakes and more! High Star Ranch can host wedding ceremonies, corporate events and concerts all year round. We offer catering and beverage options to suit your budget and make the process easier for you.

Want freebies: Are you looking for a wedding Venue in Utah that can offer several private events for free? Most all-inclusive resorts charge extra for private events such as welcome cocktails and receptions. However, there are a number of resorts that will allow you to get credit for your private events. Usually, these loans are obtained based on the number of guests who will stay at the resort. A travel specialist who specializes in destination weddings will know which resorts offer free private events or which resorts may offer incentive promotions as these items are usually not published.

Consider the distance to the airport: Consider how far the park city Utah wedding resort is from the airport. High star ranch is just 15 minutes outside the city park. With a true cozy-comfy vibe, High Star Ranch offers an intimate experience for your guests regardless of their number.

Be Realistic: Be flexible when choosing flowers and decorations. Just because you see it on a Pinterest board doesn’t mean a wedding venue in Utah can offer you what you want. When you choose a good destination wedding resort, in-house planners will do their best to make your dream wedding a reality.

Choose your date wisely: Be flexible with appointments. Saturdays are usually booked 9-12 months in advance. The majority of your guests will stay for three to four nights, so make your wedding date flexible and perhaps even consider the wedding weekend. December to April are usually the most expensive months. So if you’re trying to save money for your guests, you might want to look at other dates.

Don't Do It Yourself:

Looking for the best wedding Venues in Utah to celebrate your day? Whether you want to host a small outdoor ceremony or plan a lavish evening at a wedding venue, High Star Ranch is your best bet. The venue is actually 15 minutes outside of Park City and offers its place as a venue for weddings, corporate events and concerts by setting up an outdoor open-air tent for the event. It means rain or shine, the wedding goes on.

The Best advice is to find a travel professional who has experience planning destination weddings. The right people can suggest a wedding venue in Utah to you after a short phone call with you. You will know which wedding resorts offer the best benefits. They know the resorts, the wedding team, and the approximate prices at each resort. A good honeymoon specialist frees you to be a VIP bride rather than a travel agent for you and your guests. They also save the time and hassle of talking to many different people and the confusion of talking to those people. Best of all, most travel professionals who specialize in destination weddings do not charge for their services and can usually negotiate with the resorts to get you good prices and benefits from each resort.

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