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Tooele Man Joins Country Singer On Stage

Toole Man at DeJoria Center

PARK CITY, Utah — Twenty-one-year-old Carver Louis is an up-and-coming country singer who plays a lot of small clubs and county fairs.

But on a recent Friday night, he was excited to win tickets to somebody else’s sold-out show — Chris Janson.

Chris Janson has written some of country music’s biggest hits and is the youngest member of Grand Ole Opry. He met up with Louis before the show.

“Took a quick picture, and when I was leaving I was fiddling with a pick in my hand and so I just jokingly gave it to him and said, ‘hey, if you need a pick on stage here’s this one for ya,’” Louis said. “Then I said ‘I hope to open up a show for you one day.’”

And that was it. Or so Louis thought.

Hours later, as the concert was coming to a close, Janson called out for Louis to join him on stage. In shock, Louis did — and sang right along with Janson.

“I believe in sharing the stage with people because that’s how I’d like to be treated too,” Janson said of the experience. “It takes one person to believe in you to get everybody to believe in you.”

It’s a moment Louis said he’ll never forget.

“That’s what I want to do in life.”

Check out Louis’s upcoming events on his website.

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