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What Makes a Great Corporate Event?

DeJoria Center Arena Round Table Setup

Ask any executive, manager, or HR specialist the secret to running a successful company, and they’ll more than likely tell you the same thing: people. Attracting (and maintaining) the best employees—and keeping them all on the same page with your company’s goals, vision, and strategy—is a key ingredient in the recipe for a thriving business.

As it’s easy for employees to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, corporate retreats provide a fantastic opportunity for coworkers to come together and get out of their individual silos, as well as an opportunity for everyone to get on the same page—whether it’s through training, inspirational presentations, or good old-fashioned fun.

However, all too often when people hear the phrase “corporate retreat”, they immediately have visions of stuffy hotel ballrooms, mandatory trust falls, and generally uninspiring times spent wishing they were doing just about anything else. Which kind of defeats the purpose of hosting a corporate retreat in the first place. To keep your employees engaged and reap all the benefits of a tight-knit workforce and a clearer understanding of your company’s long-term plans, your corporate retreats should feature a location and itinerary that makes your employees feel valued and appreciated, as well as providing plentiful opportunities for your people to build trust and grow closer together. That’s where DeJoria Center comes in.

DeJoria Center is far from your typical venue for corporate retreats. Tucked into the Uinta foothills and surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine national forest, our uniquely scenic location makes for an amazing backdrop to any company meeting or corporate retreat. Never underestimate the importance of the surroundings when it comes to keeping an audience engaged—being surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks is infinitely more inspiring than a run-of-the-mill corporate meeting room.

Corporate retreats at DeJoria take full advantage of the surrounding natural beauty, as the on-site Rhodes Valley Outfitters offers a variety of guided group activities ranging from snowshoeing to cross-country skiing to sleigh rides, archery, dog sledding, equine therapy, and much more. What better way to bring your workforce together than enjoying a new activity designed to build team cohesiveness in some of the world’s best terrain for outdoor recreation?

Kids riding horses at High Star Ranch

And while access to the outdoors is undoubtedly a major draw, the meeting facilities at DeJoria are also state-of-the-art. With capacity to handle groups from 10 to over 2,000, our meeting areas were designed from the ground up to match the caliber of the outdoor experiences available at DeJoria.

With 2,078 feet of space and floor-to-ceiling window walls that open to provide sweeping views of the surrounding mountains, the Willow Room comfortably fits groups of up to 150 guests. Willow can also be configured into two smaller breakout rooms, with the built-in air wall creating Willow East at 1,029 sq. ft. and Willow West at 1,049 sq. ft.