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Whip It



Level | Intermediate
Distance | 0.82 mi
Riding Direction | Downhill Only

This one-way descent starts off with intermittent splashes of tech at the top, followed by super high-speed flow with optional rock-launch opportunities at the bottom. Branches off Escalador approximately 1.4 miles uphill from the step-over gate. Compared to our other downhill routes, this is the next step up difficulty-wise from Graveyard and The Chase, but less difficult than Bad Hombre or RADke.

With nearly 20 miles of interconnected, professionally built biking trails, the High Star Ranch trail system is guaranteed to plaster a semi-permanent smile on the face of every level of rider. From total-beginner single track to meandering XC trails to DH-only routes with rock gardens and seemingly endless flowy berms, our trail system offers a huge variety of terrain—not to mention an escape from the Park City crowds.